Casino tables for events

Your own casino party to celebrate an unforgettable night. Casino-themed parties are the perfect entertainment for adults.

Our casino tables can be installed indoors or outdoors. They are light and easy to carry

Play in your backyard
In your backyard
Play in your backyard
On your deck
Play in your backyard
Inside your house
Play in your backyard
Office party

What is included with the casino rental?

2 Table(s) of your selection (Black jack, poker, and roulette)
Deck of cards and card shoes
Gaming Chips

Casino rental prices

+ $200 Security Deposit
$200 security deposit for 2 tables
24 hours rental
Pickup and drop off in Dorval
+ Rental for 5 hours
2 Tables
Decoration (1 casino scene, 1 red carpet, and 10 ballons)
Pick up


No, we just provide the tables and equipment.

Yes, if specific requirements are met. Casino games themselves are not unlawful; however, gambling for monetary gain is. Your event should be private (the general public should not be allowed on your premises) and free of charge to participants. It is also advised to have an equal possibility of gaming. In other terms, the participants must compete against one another rather than the "house." You can use toy money and hand out prizes at the end of the event.

Step 1: Upon arrival, each guest registers and receives a voucher. Vouchers have a fixed denomination or value, and are used to exchange for chips.

Step 2: The voucher is exchanged for chips (Red $5, Green $25 and black $100).

Step 3: Guests place their bets. We recommend a minimum bet be $5 and maximum bet $200. Roulette is played with color chips value $1.

Step 4: At the end of the evening guest cash out (Cashout explained below)

We suggest two fundamental strategies for wrapping up the evening.

Method 1 - Top Prize Winners
Total up everyone's chips at the end of the evening and select the top winners. Award prizes for the first, second, and third places.

Method 2 - Raffle Tickets
This is the most common way. At the conclusion of the evening, attendees can exchange their chips for a two-part drawing ticket. So, for every $100 in chips, you get a raffle ticket. The more chips you have, the more tickets you have and the better your chances of winning a prize. Of course, you may set the cash out amount to anything you choose. When it comes to prize distribution, you may either call out the winning numbers at the conclusion of the evening for each award or display the prizes with a raffle basket in front of each prize. Guests then place one half of the two-part ticket in a basket corresponding to the prize they want to win.