Jellyball party

Jellyball party at your event

If your kid wants to play paintball, have them try out Jellyball game instead; it's a lot of fun and COMPLETELY SAFE FOR CHILDREN ages 6 and up. It has very little power, so it won't leave bruises, marks, or stains.

Jellyball can be played indoors or outdoors. It does not stain.

Play in your backyard
Play in your backyard
Play in your backyard
Play in the park
Play in your backyard
Play in the school gym

What is included with the jellyball party?

6 jelly ball blasters (guns)
6 Safety mask (Covers the full face including the ears)
15,000 jelly balls to be shared amongst the group
Inflatable trenches

Jelly ball party prices

+ $200 Security Deposit
$200 security deposit for 24 hours
Pickup and drop off in Dorval
+ Rental for 3 hours
Rental for 3 hours
Pick up


It's a game similar to paintball. It makes use of small gelatin balls (similar to bubble tea pearls) that are 97% water and biodegradable. When they strike a target, they disintegrate and leave no trace, and most importantly, they do not bruise players.

The maximum range of jelly blasters is 15 meters. The blaster's air pressure is low, and the soft jellyballs bounce off children or disintegrate completely, leaving no stain, mess, or sting.

Jelly blasters are automatic and battery-powered, making them ideal for children. Simply pull the trigger and fire. The blaster shoots between 5 and 12 balls per second and can hold 750 jelly balls before needing to be reloaded.

This safe activity is suitable for children aged 6 and up. Adults can also play and have fun.

We will bring the jellyball party to you. We supply eight blasters and safety masks, as well as 15,000 jelly balls and inflatable trenches. You have the option of coming to pick up the equipment yourself.

It all depends on how many players are playing at the same time. The minimum recommended play area for an 8-player game is 15 meters by 10 meters. It is IMPORTANT that spectators are not around when playing or at least have eye protection in case a jellyball finds its way to them while the participants are playing in an open area.